Jackson – Greenlake, Wa

A boy and his bicycle. What more could he want?

It was a cool, crisp afternoon as we cruised around Greenlake, laughing as we chased Jackson and his bicycle all over the place. I especially loved the moment that a pack of ladies jogging by just swallowed Jackson right up and spit him out the back as he was navigating the path on his balance bike. I think if his legs could have scooted any faster, he would’ve liked to keep up with those ladies. Jackson had every reason to feel like a big boy on his bicycle because this little man had just turned 2-years-old. Happy Birthday! I was lucky enough to hold Jackson when he was a newborn and he was so tiny that I could hold him right inside the nook of my neck. It is ah-maz-ing how fast they grow, it really is.

And the Ogliore family had even more to celebrate with the anticipated addition of a little sister to their family. I’ve just got to say that Alison is one of my favorite people – she seriously keeps it ‘real’ as a mom and a friend.

I love this family.


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