Holly is on Vashon, Lifestyle Portrait Session, Vashon Island Photographer

This is Holly on Vashon Island and she is a magnificent human being. I had the good fortune of having her work a wedding with me and from that point, I knew that we would be friends above photography because that’s what happens when you spend 8-hours together lugging heavy gear all over the city. I think I recall sweating at the reception dance party afterwards, too. I wasn’t even dancing. Just taking pictures. Still sweating. Right, no dancing.

What I enjoy about meeting and being friends with other photographers is the admiration that I have for the similarities and differences in how we view the world through our lenses. Like in this example, I simply asked Holly if she wanted to run around Vashon with me to make pictures and there was absolutely no hesitation in her reply, only a “YES!” The girl gets it. We ran around the island together, but our approach to each location was different. I always find it creatively satisfying to see how others interpret what I see and vice versa.

Holly is a talent. I also love that she only shoots film. Plus, I am aspiring to be more selective in the number of shots that I take, so watching Holly at work as she figures out in her mind how much film she’s going to expose is a real treat.

I really enjoy this set of pictures because it’s something that’s been in my mind for a while (I spend a lot of time on Vashon) and the vision came together with relative ease because we had no assignment or deadline to meet – just a little curiosity for what may be around the corner, which is all you need.

Holly Vashon Island Washington Ford Truck Farm Girl Seattle Portrait Photographer

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